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 Valentina  Valé is an educator and a visual artist with a MFA from RISD. After  working as a designer for the jewelry industry and then becoming a  certify parent educator, she merged both interests in 2009 through  Experiment and Explore, a concept to awaken the inner artist in adults  and encourage visual art in the young.

Drawing has been institutionalized in schools for centuries, so that the study of art history has placed the highest value on representational drawing, using mark-making to appear realistic and thereby depersonalizing the individual process of exploration, a destruction of my antidote.  I believe my process opens windows into remembrance, bringing objectivity to the sequence of time. Making images is an intimidating activity because in most people it triggers a sense of inadequacy.  We have learned that images should look like something, so we disconnect from the personal language of our own image-making, which we then stop valuing.  

Drawing  from within is an investigation of the possibilities available,  encompassing no wrong way of drawing, only alternatives. I am focusing  on the importance of a common human need to free the self from societal  boundaries by communicating through the practice of drawing--a simple  but major tool for sensing, expressing and inventing. The process of  allowing chance to direct the space, through an automatic drawing  approach, holds the veil of mystery as this exploration is brought about  by using random marks.  

Leonardo da Vinci was the first creative  thinker who wrote about the importance of introducing random and chance  events to produce variation in his thinking patterns. He advised people  to contemplate the walls, clouds, pavements, with the idea of looking  for patterns and images to conceptually blend with their thoughts. 

 This  drawing method is not the type of drawing one learns in an art class,  it is an experimental approach to what one can do to create images that  are connected to a personal perspective, an individual language, which  one can pick-up anytime and take it as far as one chooses. No experience  is necessary... this process uses random marks or scribbles and how to  transform them into thru your creativity. 

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Girl Empowerment Network (GEN) Experiment and Explore with Drawing From Your Imagination workshops, find more info here:https://girlsempowermentnetwork.org/we-are-girls-conference/

You can engage Experiment and Explore privately or for an event.  

Unravel opportunity

There is impossible to know what a person can gain as all participant solve their problem differently.  From what I had observe, one can feel connection, aliveness, challenge their imagination,  and all the empowerment one can gain for taking a risk with one’s creativity.  


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